C-Tec XFP Addressable Fire Alarm Panel


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    C-Tec XFP Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

    The XFP range of addressable panels from C-Tec provide a reliable & comprehensive solution for a multitude of applications from office blocks to shopping centres. The XFP range is available in either a single loop 16 zone economy flavour housed in a plastic enclosure or a more robust metal enclusre which also benefits from a total of 32 zones over 1 or 2 loops.

    Both the Apollo XP95 and Hochiki ESP addressable protocols are catered for however this is preprogammed into the panel so you must order the required version. The panel is designed as an 'out-of-the-box' solution so programming is intuitive with options to configure the system via a Windows based laptop/PC using the upload/download software (kindly note this will require the SAF7070000 programming lead).

    Larger or multi-site systems are also catered for with the ability to network upto 8 XFP panels together.

    Key Features

    • 1 or 2 loop addressable fire alarm panel
    • Apollo XP95 or Hochiki ESP protocols supported
    • Economy 16 zone or robust 32 zone versions
    • Networkable upto 8 XFP panels of any variant
    • Certified to latest EN54 standards by LPCB
    • Includes keypay & keyswitch access control
    • 2 programmable sounder circuits
    • 2 programmable inputs
    • 1 fault & 3 programmable fire relay outputs
    • Day/nights mode (configure different automatic detection depending upon whether a building is occupied or not)
    • Programmable delay provding time to investigate alarms
    • Phased evacuation and programmable delays to outputs
    • Integrated swicth mode power supply
    • LCD display showing upto 40 character description of each device
    • Event log with 999 event capacity
    • Intuitive upload/download software allowing the system to be programmed from a Windows PC

    Available Models

    Model NumberDescription
    XFP501E/X XFP Networkable Economy Single Loop Panel, 16 Zone, Apollo XP95 Protocol in Plastic Enclosure
    XFP501E/H XFP Networkable Economy Single Loop Panel, 16 Zone, Hochiki ESP Protocol in Plastic Enclosure
    XFP501/X XFP Networkable Single Loop Panel, 32 Zone, Apollo XP95 Protocol in Metal Enclosure
    XFP501/H XFP Networkable Single Loop Panel, 32 Zone, Hochiki ESP Protocol in Metal Enclosure
    XFP502/X XFP Networkable 2 Loop Panel, 32 Zone, Apollo XP95 Protocol in Metal Enclosure
    XFP502/H XFP Networkable 2 Loop Panel, 32 Zone, Hochiki ESP Protocol in Metal Enclosure


    A total of 8 XFP panels of any model can be networked together over a 2-wire RS485 cable. This network capacity could also be used to connect 8 repeaters panels to a single main panel.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the XFP panel allow the sentivity of optical smoke detectors to be adjusted?

    Yes you can control the sensitity of optical smoke detectors for both Day & Night mode individually. These settings rage from 75-125 with 100 being the default. 75 is less sensitive and 125 more sensitive.


    • Mains Supply :
      • XFP501E : 230V a.c. ± 10% 50/60Hz. Max current 350mA
      • XFP501 & XFP502 : 230V a.± 10% 50/60Hz. Max current 680mA
    • Internal Power Supply : 27V d.c Nominal
    • Total Output Current Limited To :
      • XFP501E : 1.4A @ 230V a.c.
      • XFP501 & XFP502 : 3A @ 230 V a.c
    • Power Rating :
      • XFP501E : Imax. a = 210mA; Imin. = 40mA
      • XFP501 & XFP502 : Imax. a = 250mA (1 loop) 270mA (2 loop); Imin. = 70mA
    • Maximum Internal Resistance :
      • Ri max. - 1.1Ω
    • Supply & Battery Charger Monitored For Failure : Yes
    • Batteries Monitored For Disconnection & Failure : Yes
    • Batteries Protected Against Deep Discharge : Yes
    • Max Battery Size & Type :
      • XFP501E : 3.2 Ahr VRLA
      • XFP501 & XFP502 : 7.0 Ahr VRLA
    • Quiescent Current Drain :
      • XFP501E : < 50mA (1 loop unloaded)
      • XFP501 & XFP502 : < 80mA (1 loop unloaded);
    • Earth Fault Monitoring : Yes (Any Conductor)
    • Temperature Compensated Charging : Yes


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