Simplicity Plus 1 or 2 Loop Addressable Panel

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Simplicity Plus 1 or 2 Loop Addressable Panel

The Simplicity Plus Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel is the ideal introduction to the world of addressable fire alarm panels.

As its name suggests, it has been designed with ease of use in mind, using pre-programmed values for its programming options. The installer simply needs to configure the loop and enter text labels via the built in keypad (optional).

The Simplicity Plus has user definable zones, option for zonal or common alarm operation, options for I/O operation, alarm verification and user selectable languages.

It can be connected to an RS232 desktop printer for real time event log printing (Epson LQ300+ recommended) and it can also drive a serial repeater model AD-REP.

Zonal Addressing

All devices are assigned to a specific zone based on their address. This removes a programming step and helps to streamline the commissioning process. The following table outlines which addresses fall in which zones.

Alarm Verification

To help prevent false alarm causing a full evacuation, any smoke detector can be set to alarm verification mode with a time delay of between 30 seconds and 4 minutes. Should any of these detectors go into alarm then only the detector’s LEDs and sound/flasher base (if connected) will activate. Should the alarm not be cleared with this time delay then a common alarm will occur.

Key Features

  • Loop addressable fire alarm panel (64, 126 or 252 device capacity)
  • Complies fully to EN54 parts 2 & 4
  • User definable zones
  • Option for zonal or common alarm operation
  • Options for I/O operation
  • Alarm verification (help prevent false alarms)
  • User selectable languages
  • Set of changeover relay contacts for faultcondition
  • Set of changeover relay contacts for firecondition
  • 2,048 event log (fire & fault)
  • Zone or device disablement
  • One man test mode
  • Plug & play, no need for any special tools orlaptop for commissioning
  • Fully integrated Qwerty keypad
  • Fully integrated Qwerty keypad

Technical Specification

  • Supply Voltage : 230V AC =/- 10%
  • System Voltage : 24V DC (Nominal)
  • Number of Loops : 1
  • Loop Capacity : 64 or 126 Devices per Loop
  • Number of Zones : 8
  • Sounder Output : Addressable Sounders Only
  • Fault Output : 28V Repeat Output to Drive Relay(Normally Energised)
  • Fire Output : 28V Repeat Output to Drive Relay
  • Operating Temperature : -0°C to 50°C
  • Enclosure Size : 375mm x 335mm x 125mm


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posted by Rami on 8th March 2012

This is a top value panel for a smaller fully addressable system.
Mainstream fire engineers downgrade such panels simply because the price is 'public' & their therefore mark-up limited.Probably based upon old reliable Apollo 90 protocol which IMO 'old' = tried & tested. Issue of sharing detectors & sounders on one circuit does not seem to make it unreliable unlike some competitors.

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