Eaton Pendant or Wristwatch Radio Panic Transmitter


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    Eaton Pendant or Wristwatch Radio Panic Transmitter

    Both the long range pendant (701) & wristwatch (702) models use Eaton's tried and tested 868 MHz narrow-band radio signal for secure, reliable operation. To ensure your transmitter is always working, the lithium battery sends a signal when less than one month’s operation remains. Moreover, the wide variety of wearing options – including neck pendant, hand-held, pocket clip and watch strap – means there’s a style to suit everyone.


    • Reliable, secure Eaton 868 MHz narrow-band radio operation.
    • Suitable for use as panic alarms and social alarm triggers.
    • Two models cater for all applications.
    • A range of fixings enable the units to be carried or worn on the person.
    • Soldered-in lithium battery-powered to ensure operation even if dropped.


    • Product Code :
      • Pendant : 701REUR-50
      • Wristwatch : 702REUR-00
    • Free Space Radio Range :
      • Pendant : >300m
      • Wristwatch : >175m
    • Transmission Power : 10mW
    • Power Supply (Battery) : 3v Li non-user replaceable
    • Compliance :
      • Pendant : Directive 2014/53/EU
      • Wristwatch : European Directive: 1995/5/EC
    • Water resistance
      • Pendant : Splash proof
      • Wristwatch : Shower proof
    • Colour : White
    • Operating Temperature : -10ËšC to +55ËšC
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) :
      • Pendant : 58x40x16mm
      • Wristwatch : 44x32x13mm


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