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DPL Wireless Pager Signal Booster Unit (DPRTX-500)

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    DPL Wireless Pager Signal Booster Unit

    The best Pocsag Paging Booster on the market today. Collects calls locally & then boosts the calls direct to any Pocsag Pocket Pager which supports pocsag protocol. Full technical backup by our professionally trained staff.


    Fully programmable using a standard PC. (Requires programming lead). Programming software free of charge.

    • Supplied with stub aerial, plug in power adaptor & full operating instructions.
    • Not up to programming the paging transmitter ? Well let us program it for you.
    • Programming of transmitter is totally free of charge.
    • We can even supply the pocket pagers to go with your transmitter.
    • Works with all Pocsag Pocket Pagers.

    Frequency & Baud Rate

    Choose your preferred transmit frequency as they are all selectable, even the transmit & communication port baud rate can be selected in programming.

    Serial 9 Way D Connector

    This connection allows you to program the product.

    Powering The Transmitter

    Two options are available to power the transmitter. Maximum power consumption 300 ma.

    • Transmitter supplied with Mains power adaptor, which plugs in to base of product.
    • Transmitter can be powered from a 7.5 - 30 volt DC source.


    • Can be powered from existing DC powered equipment on site or from mains supply.
    • Supplied with aerial, plug in power adaptor & full instructions.
    • Frequency selectable.
    • Pager Transmit baud rates selectable.
    • 9 way D serial Communications port for programming.
    • Transmit range of up to 1 mile with 1/4 wave aerial. Larger area coverage possible 5 - 8 miles.
    • LED indicator to show transmit status.
    • Low consumption switch mode power supply.
    • Free PC programming software.
    • Power the transmitter with standard alarm, telephone or cat5e cable over long cable runs without any power loss or performance.


    • Transmit Frequency : 454 - 462 MHz ( Selectable frequencies)
    • Transmit Baud Rate : 512 - 1200 (Selectable)
    • Band : UHF
    • Modulation Type : FSK
    • Transmitter Power : 10 or 100 or 500mw (Requested when ordering)
    • Aerial Connector : BNC
    • Radio Standards : EN 300 220-3
    • EMC Standards : ETSI - EN 301 489-3
    • Transmission Format : Pocsag
    • Programming Com Port : Female 9 way D connector. 1200, 2400 or 9600 Baud rate. (Selectable)
    • Power Supply : Built in Switch mode power supply
    • Power Supply Input : 7.5 - 30 volt DC. (Internal connector block)
    • External Power Connector : 7.5 - 30 volt DC (2.5 jack centre +V) (Power adaptor supplied)
    • Average Consumption : Standby 50ma - Transmit 50 - 300ma depending on transmit power
    • Case Size : W 125mm, L180mm, H 35mm
    • RoHS Compliant : Yes
    • CE Compliant : Yes
    • Warranty Period : 18 months


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