P50 Eco Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguisher (P50-ECO)


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    P50 Eco Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguisher

    The P50-Eco is a PFAS-free fire extinguishers helping to minimise your environmental impact and does not contain fluoro chemicals which are known to contaminate the environment and have a long-lasting detrimental effect.

    This foam is effective on Class A materials fuelled by wood, paper and textiles as well as Class B fires fuelled by paints, solvents, oils and petrochemical products. The extinguisher has also passed the EN3 test for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V at a distance of 1m.

    This multi purpose fire extinguisher has an operational temperature range is from +5°C to +60°C.


    • Environmentally friendly PFAS Free Foam
    • Multi-purpose fire extinguisher
    • No annual service required
    • Self maintained annual inspection
    • 10-year manufacturer’s operational corrosion guarantee
    • 10-year manufacturing faults and workmanship guarantee
    • Recyclable
    • Long-lasting
    • Super strength aramid fibre material
    • Accredited to the highest standards
    • Light weight and easy to use

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the P50 foam extinguisher need to be commissioned?

    The commissioning of an extinguisher should be carried out by a competent person. Upon removal from its packaging and transit protection, and immediately prior to placing in its designated place, the extinguisher should undergo the sequence of commissioning actions taking into account the safety precautions.

    • Check the safety pin is in place and the anti tamper tag is not damaged.
    • Check the fire extinguisher for any signs of damage.
    • Check that both gauges are in the green, remove the magnet from the base of the fire extinguisher and pass it over the gauges, making sure the needle moves and goes back into the green.
    • Ensure the identification stud in the base of the extinguisher corresponds to the colour and date on the grid at the back of the extinguisher.
    • Date the back of the P50 on the date of installation.


    • Model : P50-ECO
    • Capacity : 6 Litres
    • Fire Rating : 27A/144B
    • Full Weight : 8.5kg
    • Temp Range : +5º to + 60ºC
    • Operating Pressure (Bar) @ 20°C : 12
    • Discharge Duration : 40 seconds
    • Discharge Range (M) : 4+
    • Diameter : 178mm
    • Height : 570mm


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