Short Message Communicator For Remote Indication Of Alarm - Via GPRS (HY-WLSMC)


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    QUAD Band GSM Relay Board and Auto-Dialler

    The ANC0023 is a quad-band GSM relay board and auto-dialler. It offers Open-on-Call access control with Text Alert and Auto-Dial for GSM850MHz, GSM900MHz DCS1800MHz, and PCS1900MHz.

    The unit has been primarily designed for security applications although can be used as a general-purpose call/SMS activated relay.

    The relay can be activated by a call or SMS text from up to 512 stored telephone numbers or can be configured to activate when receiving a call from any number. By default, the call will not be answered and hence costs the caller nothing. However, the system can also be set to reject the call or connect a call when either the input is open or closed (or both). This allows the input status to be determined even when the SIM card does not have credit for SMS text messages.

    Setup and operation is performed by simple SMS text messages including adding and removing user telephone numbers. A complete list of accepted telephone numbers can be viewed via an SMS text message. SIM card balance checking can also be achieved using the SMS and Service data forwarding functions.

    The output relay has both Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) with Common (COM) connections. The action of the relay can be a single timed actuation from either 1s to 999s or 1 to 999 minutes or the relay can be set to toggle between calls.

    Technical Specification

    • Power Supply: 12-24V AC or DC 400mA Max. (35-20mA idle)
    • Average Current (in-call): 60mA @ 28VDC, 95mA @ 18VDC, 130mA @12VDC
    • Relay Output: 5A Max. CATII 220VAC
    • SIM: 1.8/3.6V
    • Compliance: GSM Phase 2/2+ Class 4 (2W @850/900 MHZ)
    • Class 1: (1W @1800/1900 MHz)


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