Zeta Addressable Input/Output Module (ZAIO-MI)

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Zeta Addressable Input/Output Module

The ZAIO-MI is both an input and output module in a modern enclosure (2 gang box size) with well protected electronic circuit board to minimize any damages during installation.

It is supplied with a back box suitable for surface mount indoor installation. Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of EN54-18 2005 and EN54-17 2005.


The ZAIO-MI is used when both an input needs to be monitored and at the same time a local output (relay output) needs to be triggered to switch ancilliary equipment on or off during an alarm condition.

Typical output triggering includes: controlling lift operation during an alarm, starting fire pump, stopping ventilation fans etc.

For more details and connection information consult the installation guide.


  • Loop powered (60 devices per loop as maximum)
  • Hand addressed using the 8 way dip switch OR
  • Softly addressed using our handheld MKII Programmer (part no. 48-004)
  • Equipped with short circuit line isolator
  • Extensive front unit indications


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