Infinity ID2 Manual Call Point

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    Infinity ID2 Manual Call Point

    Note: The ID2-MCP (Indoor Call Point) comes complete with cover, flush mount bezel and surface backbox.

    The ID2-MCP & ID2-MCP/WP call points are unique in that they mimic the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a re-settable operating element.

    Addressing these call points is via an 8 way dip switch on the back of the call point.


    • Manual call point for the Infinity ID2 system.
    • Indoor or outdoor (IP67) version available.
    • Positive activation that mimics the feel of breaking glass.
    • Visible warning flag confirms activation.
    • Simple key to reset operating element (no broken glass).
    • Complete functional test with every activation.
    • EN54-11 approved.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have an ID2 manual call point which has an orange LED, what does this mean?

    An orange LED illuminated on the ID2 call point indicates that there is a short circuit on the wiring after this call point, therefore you will need to investigate the wiring and determine if there is any damage to the cable or possibly a wrong connection somewhere. If your system is wired as a loop, you will have another orange LED illuminated on another device somewhere indicating the short circuit is between these devices somewhere. A short circuit causes the nearest devices to the fault to isolate, to protect the rest of the loop and the panel from any possible damage that could be caused.


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