Solo 330 Aerosol Smoke and CO Dispenser

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    SOLO 330 Aerosol Smoke Dispenser

    Fundamental to functional smoke checking for many professionals around the world the Solo 330 contains the test aerosol and ensures that it is applied correctly and contained only where required. Used with the access poles it enables safe testing at heights but is equally valued at low level.

    Larger diameter cup version also available (SOLO-332-001) please select this from the Version option.

    Key Features

    • Dispenser and patented diaphragm contain particles – conserves test gas / smoke
    • Test gas / smoke not directed at detector-sensor not swamped with particles and detector residue prevented
      Strong and durable yet lightweight for daily use
    • Spring-loaded mechanism renders it touch sensitive – for suspended ceilings
    • Clear cup and diaphragm enables view of the detector LED while testing
    • Universal - suits most detectors
    • Interchangeable with all other Solo tools on Solo poles
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Smaller cup of Solo 330 contains vast majority of the world’s detectors without being unwieldy and oversized (detectors up to 100mm / 4" in diameter)
    • This is a patented elasticized diaphragm that enables just the sensing chamber of the detector to be enclosed within the cup and a sufficient seal achieved. Not needing to enclose the detector enables a smaller, less unwieldy cup to be used. The Solo range is unique in this feature (although, of course, larger cups are available for the largest detectors or those in 'cages'.
    • Residue occurs when a liquid particle impacts a surface 'too early'. Hand held aerosols are often misused with this result. Not only does the Solo dispenser range prevent this inadvertent misuse but it also slows aerosol flow – very important for increasingly sophisticated detector algorithms that are 'knocked over' by fast moving aerosol.
    • We have been doing this for many years and we understand that these are field portable devices used by mobile engineers. They are well designed, well made and well backed up.
    • In a feature invented specifically by the Solo range the springs in the dispenser are tensioned to neutralize the pressure of the aerosol valve – enabling aerosol (and detector) activation on suspended ceiling tiles that would otherwise have lifted. Though others have tried to copy the concept they have failed to make them operate nearly as well.
    • Both cup and diaphragm need to be clear to enable sight of the LED. Sufficiently clear to see the LED.
    • Universality is a theme through #out the Solo range. We achieve it through various design features not all of which are obvious and for it we draw on many hears f experience around the world and, literally, hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of detector models / shares, sizes / types with which we are familiar..

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