Apollo New Style Call Point Keys - Pack of 10 (44251-176)


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    Apollo New Style Call Point Keys - Pack of 10

    The Apollo 44251-176 are a pack of 10 call point test keys for use with the new type Apollo call points.  They allow the user to perform a manual test on the call point to test for correct operation.

    The Apollo 44251-176 Call Point Test Keys are for use with the following devices:-

    • Apollo 55200-905 XP95 Addressable Call Point
    • Apollo 55200-908 XP95 Addressable Call Point With Isolator
    • Apollo 58200-950 Weatherproof Manual Call Point
    • Apollo 58200-951 Weatherproof Manual Call Point With Isolator
    • Apollo 58200-910 Discovery Manual Call Point
    • Apollo 58200-908 Discovery Manual Call Point With Isolator
    • Apollo 58200-926 Discovery Indoor White Call Point
    • Apollo 58200-927 Discovery Indoor Yellow Call Point
    • Apollo 58200-928 Discovery Indoor Blue Call Point
    • Apollo 58200-929 Discovery Indoor Green Call Point
    • Apollo 58200-930 Discovery Indoor Orange Call Point

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