Aico Mains Power Heat Alarm (EI164RC)


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    Aico Mains Power Heat Alarm

    The Aico Mains Power Heat Alarm runs on 230V AC mains power and has built-in tamper-proof cells that act as a battery back up in the event of mains failure. These rechargeable cells have a ten-year life - outlasting the life of the heat alarm itself - and can provide up to six months of heat alarm operation without mains power.

    The Aico Mains Power Heat Alarm gives a warning when the temperature at the unit reaches 58ºC. Heat alarms are designed for use in kitchens and garages, where the use of optical or ionisation alarms would lead to nuisance alarms, and can be controlled by either a 'Test, Silence and Locate' switch or a Manual Call Point and can be interconnected with up to 20 Aico Mains Alarms. The whole system can then be controlled remotely.

    An Easi-fit base is supplied with the Aico Mains Power Heat Alarm that allows for quick and simple installation combined with simple alarm head removal and replacement. The Aico Mains Power Heat Alarm can also be fitted using the EI68RC RadioLINK base to enable a comprehensive system without the need for cabling between any alarms.

    Other advanced features include built-in circuitry to aid suppression of voltage transients and RF interference to further reduce the chances of false alarms.

    Key Features

    • Fixed temperature fast response thermistor type sensor, range 58ºC ± 4ºC
    • Tamper-proof rechargeable Lithium battery back-up
    • Easi-fit base
    • Remote Control capability
    • Built-in Test/Hush button
    • Advanced suppression and calibration technology
    • Interconnectable to other Aico mains powered alarms
    • Low battery warning
    • Kite-marked to BS5446-2:2003
    • 5 year guarantee

    Technical Specification

    • Supply Voltage: 230V AC
    • AC Battery back up: Rechargeable lithium cells
    • Alarm Sound Output: 85dB (minimum) at 3m
    • Temperature Range: 0º to 40ºC
    • Humidity Range: 15% to 95% Relative Humidity
    • Fixing: Easi-Fit mounting base
    • Dimensions (W x H x D):140 x 140 x 58 mm
    • Weight: 320g
    • Warranty: 5 year (limited) warranty
    • Approvals: BS5446-2:2003
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