AED Protective Cabinet with Backplate, Wire Shelf and Thumb Lock (STI7531AED)

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  • STI7531AED

AED Protective Cabinet with Backplate, Wire Shelf and Thumb Lock

Multipurpose cabinet for remote AED (Automated External Defibrillator) units, which require physical or environmental protection. Helps guard against vandalism (accidental or intentional), as well as dirt, dust and grime. Cover mounts on the wall enabling the unit to be stored in a central location. The cabinet is available with a thumb lock, which helps deter wrongful users away from the unit and has an additional eyelet for a secondary safety seal.

Cabinet consists of a clear polycarbonate that allows the unit within to be highly visible and accessible. The external mounting tabs enables the unit to be easily installed on any wall.

Note: End user must verify the alarm and battery function every six months and replace battery annually or as required.

Key Features

  • Clear polycarbonate cover
  • Approximate internal dimensions: 12" X 14" X 6.37"
  • Polycarbonate rated -40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 49°C)
  • Cover is UV-stabilized
  • Three year guarantee against breakage of polycarbonate within normal use
  • Additional eyelet can be used for secondary safety seal
  • External mounting tabs or internal drill dimples
  • Includes thumb lock
  • Complete with mounting hardware and gasket
  • Tamperproof mounting screws available
  • Design allows visibility at any angle and does not require a sign
  • Cover includes a white steel internal mounting plate with a baked on enamel finish
  • Cabinet offers rounded corners to help prevent injury
  • Adjustable wire shelf included
  • Lid fully gasketed

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