FyreLine Heat Sensing Cable


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    FyreLine Heat Sensing Cable

    FyreLine “TH” Digital linear temperature sensor cables use two (2) twisted and tensioned tin plated copper coated steel conductors. Each conductor is then extruded with a temperature sensitive polymer before the application of an outer sheath of flame retardant high temperature material. For certain applications a corrosion and abrasion resistant RILSAN extrusion or grade 316 stainless steel braid may be provided.

    Key Features

    • Detection at point of risk or within bulk areas
    • Cable & detector combined
    • Extrusions & braiding to suit all risks
    • Alarm temperature range: +45C / +113F to +185C / +365F
    • No minimum length exposure requirement
    • Ambient temperature range: -40C / -40F to +125C / +257F
    • Compatible with all central alarm control panels
    • 10.66m / 35ft spacings for area coverage (UL recommendation)
    • Overheat detection = fire PREVENTION
    • Incipient fire detection within adverse environmental conditions
    • Not affected by RFI or EMC
    • ATEX certified - zener barrier for hazardous area risk protection
    • Section replacement of alarm damaged length only
    • Optional interface unit range - multiple signalling options

    Cable Types Explained

    Standard Outer Sheath

    Standard Outer Sheath sensing cable is recommended for environments ranging from clean and dry to moderate dust and moisture. Standard Outer Sheath coated sensor cable is not suitable for installations where corrosive agents or damage to the cable may occur.

    Typical installations include cable trays & racks, indoor space, electrical switch gear or equipment, service ducts, car parks, tunnels, conveyors or escalators and car parks.

    Enhanced Corrosion & Abrasion Resistant Outer Sheath

    Enhanced Corrosion & Abrasion Resistant Outer Sheath sensor cable is recommended for harsh environments, petrochemical and cold warehouse in general. This sensor cable can also be used in areas where the standard sensor cable is used if more rigidity or a discreet installation is required. Extrusion is black in colour - RILSAN - with printing indelibly and repeatedly marked in white on the sensor cable outer sheath at 1.0m intervals.

    Typical installations include floating roof tanks, cold warehouses, silos & driers, tank storage areas, engine bays, paint spray areas, oil rig open area protection, areas subject to chemical contamination.

    Grade 316 Stainless Steel Braided

    Grade 316 Stainless Steel Braided sensor cable is recommended for areas where friction or a severe mechanical damage risk may be present or explosive gas/dust may exist.

    To date this specification has been used on one off shore application only ....where mechanical abuse risks to the linear sensor cable were identified as excessive.

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