Wi-Fyre Wireless Input/Output Module White c/w Batteries (WF-IO-WHT)


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    Wi-Fyre Wireless Input/Output Module White c/w Batteries

    The Wi-Fyre Wireless Input/Output Module has been designed to provide a means to trigger an alarm or fault from ancillary input operations and/or to switch remote equipment in the event of an alarm condition. When operating together with a transponder set to mode 5, it can also be used as a reflective input/output device to wirelessly interconnect two or more stand-alone fire alarm panels together.



    • Operating Frequency: 868 - 870 MHz, 14dBm
    • Range: 150m Open Area


    • Power Source: 4 x Lithium AA Cell (LS14500) + 2 x Lithium C Cell (LS26500)
    • Batterie Life: Up to 3 years


    • Dimensions with Smoke Det. Fitted (Diameter x H): 103 x 71mm
    • Weight Inc. Batteries: 460g
    • Housing Material: ABS
    • Colour: Red & White
    • Tamper: Yes


    • Applicable Standards: EN54-25, BS 5839 Part 1:2002, ENTSI 300:220

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