Wi-Fyre Wireless Transponder With Optional LCD Display


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    Wi-Fyre Wireless Transponder With Optional LCD Display

    The Wi-Fyre Transponder has been designed to communicate with up to 30 mixed field devices such as smoke and heat detectors, manual call points, sounders and flashers, and input/output devices.

    This transpoder is available without a LCD display to meet economical requirements.

    The Wi-yre Transponder is small and easy to install. Commissioning is accomplished either using an inbuilt 5 button plus LCD panel front display, or via an optional Wi-Fyre PC interface card connected to a PC or laptop.



    6 modes of operation as follows;

    • Conventional panel mode using auxillary PSU.
    • Conventional panel mode without an auxillary PSU.
    • Analogie addressable panel mode with collective control & response.
    • Zeta MKII Addressable panel mode.
    • Infinity ID2 2-Wire panel mode.
    • Standalone mode (residential use only).
    • Input/output reflection mode.

    Zeta Loop Only

    When connected directly to the loop or zone wiring of a Zeta MKII addressable control panel, the transponder will act as a seamless analogue-addressable gateway, enabling data and control to take place directly between the panel and individual wireless eld devices - with wireless eld devices behaving and appearing just like hard-wired devices. In this mode, power is taken from the loop itself and there is no need for a local power supply.


    • Operating Frequency : 868 - 870 MHz, 14dBm
    • Operating Channels : 12
    • Field Devices (Max) : 30 Per Interface
    • Range : 150m Open Area
    • Power Source : Addressable Loop, Conventional Zone and/or Auxiliary
    • Display : LCD
    • Local Control (optional) : 5 Tactile push-buttons or PC connection
    • Zone In/Out Ratings : 19 - 24Vdc, 400mA
    • Zone In/Out Internal Alarm Resistance : Equivalent to 450 Ohm
    • Sounder In/Out Ratings (Max) : 8 - 24Vdc, 800mA
    • Auxiliary Supply Voltage : 19 - 40Vdc
    • Manual Alarm Relay Contact : 1 x Solid-state normally open, 60Vdc, 600mA
    • Automatic Alarm Relay Contact : 1 x Solid-state normally open, 60Vdc, 600mA
    • Common Fault Contact : 1 x Solid-state normally closed (failsafe), 60V, 500mA
    • Cable Terminals : Rising clamp 1.5mm
    • Operating Current : 12mA
    • Configuration Interface : Local and/or Wi-Fyre PC interface
    • Operating Temperature : -10 to +55°C
    • Ingress Protection : IP 54, for Indoor use only
    • Humidity : 10 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
    • Max Outer Dimensions (W x H x D) : 234 x 164 x 75mm
    • Mounting Box Recessing Dimensions (W x H x D) : 228 x 133 x 51mm
    • Weight : 620g
    • Housing Material : Polycarbonate
    • Colour : White
    • Cable Entries : 6 x 20mm
    • Applicable Standards : EN54-25, BS 5839 Part 1:2002, ENTSI 300:220


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