Anti-Tamper Indicator Tags For Fire Extinguishers

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Anti-Tamper Indicator Tags For Fire Extinguishers

We offer 2 ranges of anti-tamper tags, a Premium range manufactured by Brook who are a recognised leader in tags and an unbranded Economy range. Both ranges are manufactured in the UK and are available in 7 different colours: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White or Black.

These anti-tamper tags will fit most modern fire extinguishers in use in the United Kingdom today. The pins are weather proof, corrosion proof and anti-magnetic.


  • Colour coded anti-tamper coded tag for extinguishers
  • Fit most modern UK fire extinguishers
  • Premium Brook branded or Economy non-branded available
  • Choice of 7 different colours
  • Approximately 23cm total length

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