Keyguard Emergency Key Box with Integral Audible Alarm (K1010)


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    Keyguard Emergency Key Box with Integral Audible Alarm

    The Keyguard K1010 has been designed with safety as well as security in mind. The Keyguard is able to retain a key or and access control card behind a clear window that is designed to be removed in an emergency.

    This version of the Keyguard Emergency Key Box is fitted with an integral audible alarm powered from a PP3 Alkaline battery (supplied). If any attempt is made to remove the plastic retention window the alarm is sounded and can only be silenced by fitting a new window.

    Once the window is removed it cannot be refitted. Its plastic composition means that there are no shards of glass or sharp edges that could cause injury, making it safe for use in areas such as schools, food preparation areas and swimming pools.

    The Keyguard Emergency Key Box is also available without an alarm or with a single pole microswitch for connection to the user's own equipment.

    Key Features

    • Integral electronic alarm.
    • Stores both keys and cards.
    • Ideal for restricted access areas.
    • Plastic window makes the Keyguard the ideal choice for food preparation areas.
    • Widely used by fire exit doors, in computer rooms, for master key storage and other situations where a key or card needs to be kept safe and secure.
    • Available in Red or Green.

    Technical Specification

    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 142 x 125 x 45mm

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