20-50W Laser-pack Low Voltage Kit (E/LVK/M3T/20-50W)

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  • E/LVK/M3T/20-50W

The Laser-Pack range of low voltage conversion kits is designed to convert any tungsten halogen fitting to emergency use. Laser-Pack will in the event of a power supply failure provide a 6 volt DC emergency output to either 20 watt or 50 watt tungsten halogen lamps for up to 3 hours.

Laser–Pack provides an exceptionally versatile solution to the requirement for discreet emergency lighting. For added flexibility, Laser-Pack is an ultra slim low profile variant, being only 65 mm wide, which enables the kit to be installed into shallow ceiling voids where space and accessibility are at a premium. It is available as with all emergency lighting products from CHANNEL with a full 3 year guarantee. 

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