Sita Addressable Sounder/Strobe Low Profile (326-0021R)

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  • 326-0021R

The Sita Addressable Sounder/Strobe Low Profile allows a simple and effective visual indication directly from the addressable loop.

Whilst in alarm, the Sounder Strobe synchronisation is uniquely reset every 10 seconds to ensure that the beacon's flash rate remains in absolute synchronicity across the entire system.

The Sounder Strobe offers the choice of 7 different sound patterns and 3 volume levels.

The addresssable Sounder Strobe is ideal for areas that do not require automatic detection.

Audible and Visual warning is available in this easy to install compact unit.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions : 97mm (Diameter)
  • Depth : 60mm (Low Profile Base)
                82mm (Deep Base)
  • Operating Temperature : -10c to =50c
  • Voltage Range :  24V to 42V DC
  • Sounder Volume : 65dB (Low)
                              80dB (Medium)
                              85dB (High)
  • Strobe Operation : 5ms on / 1s interval
  • System Compatability : SITA200plus (V2/30 onwards)
                                      Duonet / Quadnet (V1 onwards)
  • Loop Current @ 24V : 0.172mA (Quiescent)
                                   18.750mA / 9 DLU
                                   19.792mA / 9.5 DLU
                                   23.958mA / 11.5 DLU
                                   28.125mA / 13.5 DLU 

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