Cig-Arrete Wireless Combined Flame & Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm (CSA-FGV/R)

Radal Technology

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    Wireless Combined Cigarette Flame and Smoke Detector

    The Cig-Arrete Wireless Combined Flame & Smoke Detector has been designed to provide the optimum level of cigarette detection. It incorporates both a cigarette smoke detector as well as flame detector to sense lit cigarette lighters and matches.

    This anti-smoking device is part of a range of wireless cigarette detectors from the Cig-Arrête range. Each device can be connected wirelessly using radio frequencies to communicate, if multiple cigarette detectors are installed they will all sound a message in synchronisation.

    The Combined Cigarette Flame & Smoke Detector plays a pre-programmed voice message on activation. Typical messages warn smokers they have been caught smoking, reinforcing the fact that there is a no smoking policy and notifying them that a member of staff will be with them soon.

    Up to 100 messages can be stored on the Cig-Arrête Wireless Combined Flame & Smoke Detector's removable SD card. Files can be in any language and can easily be copied to the device using drag & drop functionality through a Windows PC interface.

    Users have the ability to select messages for playback using a hand-held remote, selecting the stored messages to be played either individually or sequentially upon smoking detection. Additionally, SmartWave software produces a high-quality audio playback that can be clearly heard in virtually any location.

    Power is available through the mains via a 6V DC power supply or through 4x AA alkaline batteries – the choice is yours. Installation time and disruption is greatly reduced if choosing the completely wireless battery option but mains power is recommended if the cigarette detector is to be installed in a high traffic area.

    NOTE: The Cig-Arrête Remote Control is sold separately.


    • Wireless communication between devices using radio frequencies.
    • Removable SD card stores up to 100 audio files.
    • SmartWave high-resolution audio playback software.
    • Windows compatible file structure allows 'drag & drop' file copying.
    • Powered using x4 AA alkaline batteries or 6V DC Power supply.
    • Backwards compatible with older Cig-Arrête anti-smoking devices.

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