Evacuator Synergy RF Power Supply (FMCEVAPSU)


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    Evacuator Synergy RF Power Supply

    The Evacuator Synergy RF Power Supply is a reliable and seamless power solution for Synergy RF mains-powered products, equipped with a 7Ah battery backup for uninterrupted performance.


    • Designed for Synergy RF mains-powered products
    • 7Ah battery backup inside
    • Uninterrupted power supply for continuous operation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can the Evacuator Synergy RF Power Supply be used with other non-RF products?

    No, it is specifically designed for use with Synergy RF mains-powered products.

    How long does the 7Ah battery backup last during a power outage?

    The battery backup is designed to provide power for a duration sufficient to ensure uninterrupted operation during short power outages. The exact duration depends on the specific power requirements of the connected Synergy RF product.

    Is the power supply compatible with international power standards?

    Yes, the Evacuator Synergy RF Power Supply is designed to work with a wide range of power standards, making it suitable for international use. However, users should verify compatibility with local standards and voltages.

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