Evacuator Synergy+ Call Point with First Aid (FMCEVASYNP5)


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    Evacuator Synergy+ Call Point with First Aid

    The Evacuator Synergy+ Call Point is a state-of-the-art safety device, boasting a 3-year battery life, First Aid Call function, and Category One radio module for hassle-free and compliant emergency communication.


    • Up to 3 years of battery life for prolonged reliability.
    • First Aid Call function integrated for swift emergency response.
    • Totally wire-free operation with mesh radio connectivity, ensuring compliance and ease of use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the battery life of the Evacuator Synergy+ Call Point?

    The Evacuator Synergy+ Call Point comes with an impressive battery life of up to 3 years.

    Does it have a First Aid Call function?

    Yes, it features a First Aid Call function, enhancing emergency communication capabilities.

    Is the device compliant with safety standards?

    Absolutely, the Evacuator Synergy+ Call Point is CE, ROHS, and EMC compliant, ensuring adherence to the highest safety standards.


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