Dycon 12 or 24V Universal Relay Output Module


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    Dycon 12 or 24V Universal Relay Output Module

    Dycon’s universal relay output module range consists of two models, DFR-1-12, a 12VDC unit and DFR-1-24, a 24VDC version. A DFR-X relay board switches the output power if the input is closed or opened. Like a fire relay, the input can be triggered from a switch, using the internal power or by applying 12 or 24 Volts DC depending on version and have the ability to control up to 5 Ampere loads. The relay is switched through an opto-coupled input that provides full isolation and uses very low power to switch the relay. Normally-open and normal-closed contacts enable operation in power-fail mode. The unit has 2 outputs, one switched and one pass through, both of which are individually fused. The integral jumper enables the relay to be set to volt free operation. 4 LED’s provide easy feedback of the status of the inputs and outputs. The DFR-X units have the same footprint and fixing positions as the Dycon DFX4-0P 4-way output splitters and can easily be fitted into a wide range of Dycon housings.


    • Converts a single power output to relay operation.
    • 12VDC & 24VDC versions.
    • Selectable, replaceable, glass fuse options.
    • LED status indications.
    • Useful for intruder & access control applications.
    • Ideal as fire door control relay in access systems.


    • Input Voltage :
      • DFR-1-12 : 10VDC – 15VDC
      • DFR-1-24 : 20VDC – 28VDC
    • Maximum Switchable Output Current : 5A
    • LED Indications :
      • Input Power Present/OK
      • Switched output ON
      • Unswitched output ON
      • Input switched status ON/OFF
    • Jumper Selection Options :
      • VF=Volt-free operation
      • VR= Normal power operation
    • Fuses : 2 x Standard 5 x 20mm glass fuses
    • Size (HxWxD) : 60x40x18.3mm


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