Infinity ID2 2-8 Zone Fire Alarm Panel

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    Infinity ID2 2-8 Zone Fire Alarm Panel

    Zeta Alarm Systems is proud to introduce the most advanced 2 wire system on the market. We can now provide a system that gives all of the benefits associated with a ‘2 Wire’ installation (less cable, quicker installation, cost savings on labour/product) and has the facility to ‘I.D.’ the devices.

    The Infinity ID2 can be used for new installations, as a retro-fit for any conventional system or as a replacement for existing 2 wire systems when the extra features are deemed to be desirable/necessary. This is possible because the Infinity ID2 devices sit on radial circuits, thus making it easy to ‘upgrade’ a system with the facility to I.D. devices without the need to rewire.


    • One man walk test facility
    • Ability to isolate zones/sounder circuits
    • High visibility blue LCD screen as standard
    • Deeper version panel available if larger batteries required
    • Full range of zone powered devices available
    • Auto configuration for easy set up
    • Safer than a traditional 2 wire/conventional system as it tells you exactly where the event is - no time wasted searching a whole zone
    • System already wired as a loop? No problem! Just select ‘Loop Mode’ in the panel

    Technical Specification

    • Detection Zones: 2-8 Zones
    • Mains Voltage: 230V AC +10% /- 15% @ 50/60 Hz
    • System Voltage: 29V DC Nominal (19 – 30 V)
    • Sounder Alarm Output: Loop Powered Sounders 2 x Conventional sounder circuits 28V nominal,150mA (20-30V DC)
    • Fault Output: 1 x Fault Relay SELV@1A (Normaly Energised
    • Fire Relay Output: 1 x Fire Relay SELV@1A
    • Zone Capacity: 15 Devices Per Zone
    • Max. No. of Detection Circuits: Radial Mode - 8 Radial Circuits Loop Mode - 1 Loop Circuit
    • Max. Loop Sounder Quantity: 80 Sounders
    • Repeater Connection: RS485
    • Dimensions (mm): 370(W) x 311(H) x 113(D)

    Smartphone App

    The Infinity ID2 iPhone or Android app allows users to easily calculate the dip switch settings by simply specifying the zone, device number and device type. The corresponding switch settings are then graphically displayed so they can easily be copied over to the device.

    Download Infinity ID2 on the App Store

    Get it on Google Play

    Video Transcript

    "Hi. Welcome back to Discount Fire Supplies, where today we're going to have a quick run-through on the Infinity ID2 application created by Zeta to aid you in 'ID-ing' your devices whilst using their Infinity ID2 2-wire system.

    If you go onto the App Store, click the search bar and enter 'Infinity ID2'. This will then bring up the application for you to download. If you download the application and then open it . . . and for the example of this demonstration, we will be using it on an Apple format, but it also is available in the Android; it will then open the home screen, where you can select zone number and a device number, which will give you the dill switch setting for that particular device. You will then have to select Device Type, as the intelligence as explained in the previous video, is in the base itself. You need to predetermine which device is on that particular address.

    Once you've done this, you can then set your dill switch settings on the device, which will then register with the panel. You can move through your devices until you've completed ID-ing all of your system. It's as easy as that.

    Thank you very much for listening. Once again, these products are all available on Thank you. We'll see you again."


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