Apollo Series 65 Diode Base (45681-201)

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  • 45681-201

The Apollo Series 65 Diode Base is of the same design as the Series 65 Standard Base except that it has been designed for use in conventional fire alarm systems that have both manual call points and detector bases on the same circuit.

Terminals in the detector diode base include Line 1 In, Line 1 Out, Line 2 In/Out, Remote Indicator Negative and Earth. These are labelled for easy identification. A Schottky diode on the Line 1 In and Line 1 Out terminals allows the based to be used in circuits that also include manual call points.

The Series 65 diode base has a 100mm diameter so that cables and terminals are easily accessible during installation or maintenance.

All detectors in the Apollo Series 65 range have been designed with ease of use in mind – detectors can be locked in to place with minimal effort or force and secured with a grub screw.

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