Apollo XP95 Intelligent Isolator (55000-720)

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Addressable fire alarm systems are usually designed as loops, where wiring begins and ends at the alarm control panel. If a short circuit occurs you may find that your entire system is rendered inoperable until the issue is fixed. The Apollo XP95 Intelligent Isolator protects the majority of your fire alarm system in this event by isolating the short circuit and minimising disruption.

Intelligent Isolators can be placed at regular intervals along the fire alarm system loop with up to 20 detectors or other devices between them. The Isolator uses patented technology to detect short-circuits in the loop wiring - if a short-circuit or other fault occurs you can be assured that only the devices in the affected area between isolators will be decommissioned, allowing the rest of your system to function and protect as normal.

The isolators will test the loop current every 4 seconds to see if normal conditions have been restored. When the short-circuit has been removed the device will automatically resume power and data transmission to the isolated area.

Requires the Apollo XP95 Intelligent Isolator Base.

  • Part No. 55000-720

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