Fyreye Addressable Reset Relay Base (FEA-RB)

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    Fyreye Addressable Reset Relay Base

    There are 6 different Fyreye detector bases available for the addressable range of detectors namely, common base, isolator base and addressable relay base.

    The Relay base is mainly used where the activation of a particular detector requires a signalto nearby equipment (door holders, or air handling units, for example).


    Technical Specification

    • Supply Voltage: 17 - 33V DC
    • Average Quiescent Current at 24V: 0µA
    • Alarm Current At 24V: 15mA
    • Isolated Current At 24V: N/A
    • Relay Max Switching Power: 30W, 50VA
    • Relay Max Switching Current: 1A Res.
    • Relay Max Switching Voltage: 50V AC
    • Relay Minimum Capability: 10µA, 10mV
    • Relay Dropout Voltage: < 6V
    • Operating Temperature: -20° to +90° (non condencing or icing)
    • Max Wind Speed: Not Affected
    • Connections: L1in, L1out (not used), L2, -R (not used), Earth
    • Base Size (W x H x D mm): 100 x 100 x 15
    • Weight: 85.4g

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