Zeta CP3 Addressable Manual Call Point

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Zeta CP3 Addressable MCPs

The Zeta CP3 adressable call points are unique in that they mimic the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a re-settable operating element. The range comprises of 2 versions; standard indoor (ZT-CP3/AD) and an IP67 weatherproof (ZT-CP3/AD/WP)

Both CP3 call points are addressed via an 8 way dip switch on the back of the call point.


  • EN54-11 approved
  • Waterproof IP67 version available
  • Glass Appearance maintains operaator deterrence
  • Positive activation that mimics the feel of breaking glass
  • Visible warning flag confirms activation
  • Simple key to reset operating element (no broken glass)
  • Complete functional test with every activation

Optional Extras

The indoor version (ZT-CP3/AD) is compatable with the following options extras;

  • CP3-CV - Perspex Cover for CP3 Series Manual Call Point
  • CP3-FMB - Flush Mount Bezel For Indoor CP3 Series Manual Call Points

Technical Specification

  • Model : ZT-CP3/AD or ZT-CP3/WP
  • Input Voltage : 17-33V DC
  • Element Type : Resettable
  • Quiescent Current : 450μA Maximum
  • Alarm Current : 2.3mA Maximum
  • Operating Temperature : -20 Degrees C to +60 Degrees C
  • Max Humidity : 95%RH Non-Condensing
  • IP Rating :
    • ZT-CP3/AD - IP32
    • ZT-CP3/AD/WP - IP67
  • Size (W x H x D mm) :
    • ZT-CP3/AD - 87 x 87 x 23
    • ZT-CP3/AD/WP - 119 x 119 x 62


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