Apollo XP95 Ionisation Smoke Detector (55000-500)


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    The Apollo XP95 Ionisation Smoke Detector uses an advanced design to detect smoke produced by fire in your premises. An elegant design and easy installation also make this a good choice for your addressable fire alarm system.

    A low level radioactive foil (Americium 241) in detector chamber irradiates the air within the unit to produce an electric field and thus a current flow.

    If smoke enters the chamber the chemical composition of the air changes causing the current flow to drop. This drop in current is registered by the detector and an alarm is triggered when it drops to a preset level.

    Designed to operate in many different environments, factors such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind and humidity have very little effect on the operation of the detector.

    The self-extinguishing white polycarbonate case also has wind-resistant smoke inlets with insect repelling mesh to protect the sensitive internal elements.

    Due to the radioactive source, this ionisation smoke detector complies with both EN54 and with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 in the UK.

    • Part No. 55000-500 
    • Sampling Frequency: Continuous 
    • Supply Wiring: 2 wire supply, polarity insensitive 
    • Supply Voltage: 17 to 28 V DC 
    • Modulation Voltage At Detector: 5 to 9 V peak to peak 
    • Quiescent Current: 280μA average, 500μA peak 
    • Power-up Surge Current: 1mA 
    • Alarm Indicator: red LED 
    • Alarm LED Current: 2mA 
    • Storage Temperature: -30°C to +80°C 
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C 
    • Humidity: 0% to 95% relative 
    • IP Rating: 23D 
    • Dimensions: 100 x 42 mm (100 x 50 mm in base) 
    • Weight: 105g (161g in base) 
    • Detector Housing: white polycarbonate 
    • Terminals: nickel-plated stainless steel

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