HyFire Wireless Single Channel Input Module C/W Batteries (HFW-IM-01)

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  • HFW-IM-01

Wireless Single Channel Input Module

The wireless single channel input module allows the connection of third party equipment and systems to your fire alarm system. This is done via a single channel monitored circuit and the module is fully controllable through the control panel offering the same flexibility as a standard addressable module.

Self-optimising wireless amplitide and frequency, bi-directional wireless communication and automatic wireless channel-hopping make this a fully intelligent unit that's highly reliable. The circuits are monitored for fire, fault and normal conditions and the unit will work in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C.

Low-cost lithium battery technology and ease of installation makes this input module very cost-efficient to add to existing wired fire alarm systems.

  • Self optimising wireless amplitude and frequency
  • Bi-directional wireless communication
  • Automatic wireless channel hopping
  • Hi reliability and sensitivity
  • Fully intelligent
  • Circuits monitored for fire, fault and normal condition
  • Makes additions to existing wired systems easy and cost effective
  • Power Supply: Dual 3V lithium batteries - 1x Primary CR123A (1.2Ahr), 1x Secondary CR2032A (0.24Ahr)
  • Indication: Bi-colour LED (red and green)
  • Communication Range: 150m (open space)
  • Operating Frequency: 868-870 MHz
  • Modulation Type: Frequency Modulation
  • No. of Operating Channels: 7
  • Time Period Between Wireless Signal Transmissions: From 12 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Estimated Battery Life
    • Primary Cell (CR123A): 3 - 5 years
    • Secondary Cell (CR2032A): 2 months
  • Dimensions: 35mm x 110mm
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C
  • Radiated Power: 0.01 - 10mW

HFW-IM-01 Datasheet

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