Cig-Arrête Master Smoke Detector with Voice Messaging (CSA-GDV)

Radal Technology

This product has been superseded by another model

This product has been discontinued and has been succeeded by the Cig-Arrête SD Evolution Cigarette Smoke Detector c/w Voice Alarm.

Today, the onus of preventing unlawful smoking in public premises is firmly on the business owner. By providing a cigarette detection system businesses are showing their commitment to adhering to no-smoking legislation.

Often, the simple presence of a cigarette smoke detector is enough to deter would-be smokers but when activated by cigarette smoke these devices are very effective.

The Cig-Arrête Master Smoke Detector with Voice Messaging has been designed to detect cigarette smoke in enclosed areas like offices, rest-rooms and bathrooms (covering areas up to 27m3). When activated it emits a loud and clear pre-recorded voice message at up to 92dB.

The message delivered to smokers is, “This is a no smoking area. Please extinguish your cigarette. A member of staff has been contacted.”.

The unit itself comprises a cigarette smoke detector and a voice sounder module housed in durable white plastic. The unit is battery powered by 1 x PP3 9V battery but can also use mains power when used in conjunction with a CSA-246 Cig-Arrête Power Supply and a CSA-DBD Cig-Arrête Output Board.

Slave units such as the CSA-SGA Cig-Arrête Slave Cigarette Smoke Detector and CSA-FUV Cig-Arrête Slave Flame Detector can be used with this Master Smoke Detector to form a complete cigarette detection system.

Ideal for use in all public buildings including schools, hospitals, bars, restaurants, offices and community centres.

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