CSA-FGV - Cig-Arrete SD Evolution Combined Flame & Smoke Detector With Voice Alarm (CSA-FGV)

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    CSA-FGV - Cig-Arrete SD Evolution Combined Flame & Smoke Detector With Voice Alarm

    The CSA-FGV SD Evolution Flame Detector is a product designed to detect cigarette smoke and also a 25 mm (1 inch) flame at a distance of 6 metres (7 yards) within 1 second and provides voice messages in any language to warn of illicit tobacco smoking i.e. in bathrooms, hospitals, schools and other businesses.

    The CSA-FGV is available as a standard, battery operated unit or can be used with the Cig-Arrete Power Supply Unit (CSA-006). Messages in any language, can be easily programmed to the integrated SD card by using a windows PC, giving complete flexibility.

    NOTE: The Cig-Arrête Remote Control is sold separately.


    • Combined Smoke & Flame cigarette detector
    • Removable SD card stores up to 100 audio files
    • 92dB warning with volume control
    • SmartWave high-resolution audio playback software
    • Windows compatible file structure allows 'drag & drop' file copying
    • Powered using x4 AA alkaline batteries or 6V DC Power supply
    • Backwards compatible with older Cig-Arrête anti-smoking devices


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