HyFire Wireless Remote LED Indicator (HFW-RI-01)


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    HyFire Wireless Remote LED Indicator

    The HyFire wireless Remote Indicator (RI) is an output device which, activated by the Fire Control Panel, switches on in the event of alarms, faults or emergency conditions. It intends to provide a visual signal at a remote location of a fire condition.

    Installation of the wireless device is straightforward and requires little time and effort.

    Technical Specification

    • Operating Frequency Range: 868.15 - 869.85 MHz
    • Max radiated power: 5dBm (3mW)
    • Radio signal’s modulation type: FSK
    • Operating frequency channels: 7
    • Communication range with the Translator or Expander Module*: ≤ 150 m (in open space)
    • IP rating: 21
    • Dimensions: 87 mm x 87 x 68 mm
    • Weight (without batteries): 180g
    • Primary power cell: CR123A (3 V & 1.2 Ah)
    • Secondary power cell: CR123A (3 V & 1.2 Ah)
    • Primary power cell lifespan **: 3 years ***
    • Secondary power cell lifespan **: 2 months ***
    • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +55°C
    • Max tolerated humidity (no condensing): 95% RH

    * Maximum operating range: may vary according to environmental conditions.

    ** When a low battery condition is indicated, both main and secondary batteries must be changed.

    *** These lifespan values refer to the device being programmed with a control signals transmission period of 12 seconds.

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