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    The Zeta Duct unit allows air in a ventilation duct to be monitored for smoke via a smoke detector mounted outside the duct - in a sealed chamber.

    The unit comes supplied with 2 sampling probes, one in, one out, which are mounted through the duct, in the center of the airflow. For a reliable smoke detection, the airspeed in the duct must be at least 2.5 m/s. The unit can be powered from either 230V AC or a separate 24V power supply. The unit has form C relay outputs for Alarm and for fault.


    • Fire and Fault relays
    • Option for latching or non-latching
    • Manual reset (latching option)

    Kit Contents


    • Zeta Duct Unit Enclosure c/w 2 x Sampling Probes


    • Zeta Duct Unit Enclosure c/w Detector Base and 2 x Sampling Probes


    • Zeta Duct Unit Enclosure c/w 12V Auto Relay Base and 2 x Sampling Probes


    • Zeta Duct Unit Enclosure c/w 48V Dual Auto Relay Base and 2 x Sampling Probes

    Technical Specification

    • Supply Voltage: 230V AC OR 24V DC
    • Indications - Power, Fault, Alarm
    • Outputs: 1 X FAULT RELAY, 1 X ALARM RELAY
    • Enclosure Size: 230 X 195 X 76
    • Weight: 750g


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