Fire Detection and Alarm System Logbook BS 5839-1 & BS 5839-6 Grade A (DOCFLB17)

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    Fire Detection and Alarm System Logbook BS 5839-1 & BS 5839-6 Grade A

    Complete log book for on-site fire alarms, gives reference advice and contains the essential details of your system as well as the fire alarm testing register.

    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the ‘responsible person’ for a premises to ensure that all fire safety facilities, equipment and devices are maintained in efficient working order and in good repair. This requires a comprehensive system of checking, maintaining and repairing all fire safety equipment on an on-going and regular basis, together with the appropriate level of training in fire safety for any employees.

    All tests and maintenance must be recorded as it is a legal requirement, by virtue of the RRFSO, that the fire safety activities of the responsible person(s) can be audited by the relevant authorities at any time.

    This  fire safety logbook has been prepared to assist the ‘responsible person’ in coordinating and maintaining a fire safety record-keeping system

    What is included?

    • Site information.
    • Alarm panel details.
    • Locations of warning / detection devices & manual call points.
    • Weekly testing schedules.


    • Stores details of panels & zones.
    • Stores details of detectors & alarms.
    • Keeps a log of your fire alarm testing obligation.
    • 350 gsm thick glossy cover.
    • Inners 32 pages 110 gsm paper.
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