Solo 365 Urban Smoke Detector Test Kit (5 Metres) ( URBAN365-001)

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  • URBAN365-001

Solo 365 Urban Smoke Detector Test Kit (5 Metres)

CONVENIENT, COMPACT, PRACTICAL - Perfect for the re engineer on the go!

Move quickly between sites with compact, industry leading detector test kits, designed for speed and agility.

Designed with portability in mind.

The new range of Urban fire detector test kits allow engineers to move easily around towns, large sites, or buildings without the need to carry bulky poles and bags.

Urban telescopic and extension poles are half the length of conventional poles. Engineers are able to test smoke, heat, CO, or multi-sensor detectors at heights up to 5 metres.

Shorter Access Poles

Our most recognisable products, our red Solo access poles are now available in a new compact form, for when the full height of a standard access pole is not required on-site.

Key Features

  • Compact Solo 365 smoke detector test kit.
  • Convinient - Less disruption when testing, quicker movement between & around sites.
  • Compact - All your test kit, including our new short poles, in a sleek compact backpack.
  • Practical - Lightweight design allows fast and ef cient testing up to 5 metres.

Kit Contents

The Solo 365 Urban Smoke Detector Test Kit includes the following components;

  • 1 x Urban Backpack (inc. Pole Bag).
  • 1 x Urban 4-section Telescopic Pole 1.75m.
  • 3 x Urban Extension Pole 0.5m.
  • 1 x Solo 365 Smoke Test Kit.



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