Solo 101 Fibreglass Extension Pole - 1.13 Metres (SOLO-101-001)

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    SOLO 101 Fiberglass Extension Pole 1.13 Metres

    All Solo poles, made from toughened fiberglass, are:

    • Light - very important when used at height, around site, day after day
    • Non whip - even at height and when trying to insert and remove detectors to and from tricky bases
    • Very strong - they are not going to break down and leave you 'stranded' mid job with no means of completing the work
    • Totalock - necessary for the twist and turn action to remove and replace detectors (see 'alternatives')
    • Certificated non conductive - protecting both the engineer and overhead or other live equipment from inadvertent shorts
    • Available in one, two or four telescopic sections
    • Suitable for Solo, Trutest and future ranges
    • Backed up with our Lifetime Warranty

    Note: These access poles are suitable for use with both the Solo and Testifire range of detector testing products.

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