Solo 460 Cordless Heat Detector Heat Unit Only (SOLO460-001)

Detector Testers

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    Cordless Geat Detector Heat Unit Only

    Using the unique IR activation and Cross Air Technology, the Solo 460 heat generation process takes place only when the detector under test is within the cup with hot air blown horizontally in a focussed beam directly toward the sensor for optimum energy use and results. Interchangeable NiMH battery batons and a fast battery recharger enable testing all day with a cable free professional device.

    *Requires SOLO Pole


    • Detector manufacturer endorsed
    • No cables, trailing leads or hanging wires
    • Battery powered (Requires 2 Battery Batons and UL listed fast charger *NOT INCLUDED)
    • Suits fixed temperature, rate-of-rise and combination detectors up to 194°F / 90°C
    • Lightweight and simple to use
    • Universal design suits widest range of detectors
    • Transparent test cup for clear view of detector LED
    • Designed for use at height, angles or low level

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    Solo 101 Fibreglass Extension Pole - 1.13 Metres SOLO101-001

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    Solo 726 220 / 240v Mains and Car Charger SOLO-726-001

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    Solo 770 Battery Baton (3Ah)

    Solo 770 Battery Baton (3Ah) SOLO770-001

    Detector Testers

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    Solo 770 Battery Baton (3Ah) SOLO770-001

    Replacement Battery Baton

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