CHEKKIT Handheld Smoke Detector Tester Spray, 150ml (CHEK01-001)

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  • CHEK01-001

CHEKKIT Handheld Smoke Detector Tester Spray

CHEKKIT® SMOKE is a hand-held functional tester of ionisation and optical smoke detectors. A quick one second spray from floor level provides a safe, reliable and economical method of testing.

**Please note we cannot ship any aerosols outside of the UK mainland when ordered via the website. 

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Key Features

  • UL listed and detector manufacturer endorsed formula
  • Lowest cost per test
  • Fastest clearing time
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • No phthalate esters
  • No silicon content
  • Ozone friendly with no CFCs
  • Sensor safe - does not damage plastic casing or internal circuitry
  • Most widely used detector tester formula in the world
  • Designed and manufactured by world’s genuine market leader

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