Eurofyre Smoke-Pen Kit (32-001)


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    Smoke Stick Kit. Includes Smoke Pen plus 6 Smoke Sticks

    Key Features

    • Ideal for testing for the slightest air-movement, gas spillage, functional ASD testing
    • For mandatory CO spillage checks of boiler/case sills after fitting/re-fitting
    • HVAC air-movement/leakage checks
    • Offers over 3 hours of smoke (stop/re-start usage)
    • Non-corrosiv, not harmful

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the smoke pen self-ignite or do you require a flame?

    You require a flame. Light the top of the smoke stick and let it burn with an open-flame for 10-15 seconds. Blow out the flame and the smoke stick will release a stable and smooth smoke. To extinguish, place the cap over the smoke stick to starve from oxygen.

    How much smoke volume is produced?

    There is no specification on how much volume is created however a smoke stick kit will provide 3 hours of smoke.

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