27mm ABS Quick Release Airline Adaptor & Valve Kit (ABSQRAK025P)


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    27mm ABS Quick Release Airline Adaptor & Valve Kit

    The quick release airline kit is available to suit 25mm or 27mm pipe systems and gives the opportunity to close the system off by turning the ABS ball valve handle to the closed position. Therefore, protecting the aspirator panel from a burst of air introduced at the quick release airline adaptor.

    The ABS ball valve is a 16 bar rated valve along with the pipes and fittings, however please note that the cement and jointing procedures used on aspirating installations is low pressure and not rated at 16 bar. Do not use excessive pressure to blow the dust from the pipe system, pressure will naturally be lost through the holes in the system or by pre-installing a check valve/air release valve at the end of the pipeline in order to allow excessive air pressure to be released from the end of the pipeline.

    The airline valve kit is pre-assembled and is ready to fit to the pipe system.


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