STI Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper (STI6200)

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    STI Extinguisher Stopper

    Stop theft, vandalism or misuse of fire extinguishers.

    If you are fed up with replacing or recharging your fire extinguisher, this sturdy, tamper-proof, self-contained device is the answer. It has proven highly effective in helping stop theft, misuse or vandalism of fire extinguishers.

    The Extinguisher Stopper will leave the extinguisher totally accessible for emergencies and will not interfere in the event of a real fire.

    How It Works

    Its highly visible ‘stop sign’ design discourages wrongful use. If the protected fire extinguisher is moved from its normal position, an integral sounder emits a piercing alarm. The device is easy to install and a deactivation cable is supplied for ease of servicing the extinguisher. The Extinguisher Stopper is supplied complete with an operating cable kit and a 9V PP3 alkaline battery.


    • Highly visible ‘stop sign’ design discourages wrongful use of extinguisher
    • Sounds a powerful 98dB (at 1 metre) warning alarm when activated (95dB low volume setting if desired)
    • Self contained 9 VDC alkaline power source is provided
    • Lifetime guarantee against breakage of polycarbonate housing (one year on electronic components)
    • Virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing
    • Deactivation cable is provided for service by authorised personnel
    • Compact design (136mm/5.35” dia x 50mm/1.97” deep) mounts easily next to the extinguisher

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