STI 1210 Sonder/Strobe Damage Protective Stopper

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STI 1210 Sonder/Strobe Damage Protective Stopper

These virtually indestructible covers (slotted for sounder or speaker units) are designed to stop vandalism and accidental damage. Molded of clear, thick, UV-stabilized polycarbonate material. Many tough, clear spacers are available for larger strobe/horn units, retrofits, surface-mount and weather resistant applications.

Key Features

  • Protective polycarbonate cover for sounder/strobe units.
  • 100mm deep enclosed back box.
  • Available with choice of spacer.
  • Easy access for service.

Spacer Types

  • Type A - Enclosed Back Box, 100mm Deep.
  • Type B - Enclosed Back Box with Double-Gang Outlet Box.
  • Type C - Open Back Box with External Mounting Tabs.
  • Type D - Open Back Box with Conduit Knockout.
  • Type E - Open Back Box for Flush Mount.


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