STI Call Point Stopper With Micro Switch

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  • STI6532/NE

STI 6532/NE (Flush) or 6533/NE (Surface) Call Point Stopper With Micro Switch

The /NE version of the STI Stopper includes a Micro Switch which can be used to interface the unit into another system.

Protective cover to help stop malicious or accidental false fire alarms. This unique device has been helping stop false fire alarms around the world for decades, without restricting legitimate operation of devices such as fire alarm break glass call points. Ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and all public buildings where there is a history or a threat of false fire alarms.

How It Works

The STI Stopper consists of a clear, tamper-proof, tough polycarbonate cover and frame that retrofits over the break glass call point. When lifted to gain access to the break glass the integral Micro Switch activates.This switch can be interfaced into another system to alert persons of the cover being opened.


  • Integral Micro Switch allowing integration with other system(s)
  • Constructed from tough clear polycarbonate
  • Protects equipment from accidental operation, vandalism, product misuse, dust and weather
  • Available for flush or surface mounted products
  • Lock or break seal options for added security
  • Optional depth spacers to accommodate a wider variety of products
  • Cover backed by a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use
  • Polycarbonate tested from -40°C to 49°C
  • Easy to install, can retrofit over existing device

Available Models

  • STI 6532/NE - STI Call Point Stopper For Flush Mounted MCPs
  • STI 6533/NE - STI Call Point Stopper For Surface Mounted MCPs

Both versions are available with an optional Break Seal which provides an additional level of security.


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