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Breakable Seals For STI Call Point Stoppers (Pack Of 10) (STI-BS)

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    Breakable Seals For STI Call Point Stoppers (Pack Of 10)

    Simple and cost effective, the break seal adds an extra level of security when fitted onto Stopper covers. The break seal must be twisted and broken to lift the protective cover allowing access to the call point underneath. The break seal is easy to replace and this is a pack of 10 replaceable seals.

    Factory installation is available upon request, however Stoppers can be upgraded easily on site by purchasing a break seal converstion kit see CKS002.


    • Used with the Stopper to protect call points, push buttons and key switches.
    • Adds an extra level of security, that doesn't hinder legitimate operation.
    • Extremely simple and cost effective.


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