Fike Twinflex Hatari Sounder (White) (302 0002)

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The Twinflex Hatari is designed to comply with the European standard EN54 part 3.

The stand alone Hatari sounder can be utilised where extra soun output on the zone is a requirement, or for areas that do not require automatic detection technology.

The field wiring is terminated to fixed connectors in the base, and a "deep base" is available as a separate item if required.

A bayonet locking mechanism means the sounder is easy to install and the anti-tamper feature ensures that the Hatari is only released with the use of the head removal tool.

The Twinflex Hatari is available in Red or White to suit any preference and offers variable sound output adjustment.

Technical Specification

  • Model : 302 0002
  • Compatability : Twinflex 2 Wire
  • Operating Temp. : -10oC to 50oC
  • Voltage Range : 18 to 35v
  • Operating Current : Alarm; 16mA
  • Loading : 6SLU (max 32 SLU's per Zone)
  • Sound Output : 92dBA
  • Dimensions : Wx150mm / Hx150mm / Dx62mm

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