New Fike Twinflex Manual Call Point (402 0006)


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    This is an updated version of the existing model MCP and features the following improvements;

    • LPCB Approved
    • New one piece moulding improving aesthetics
    • Larger connection cables allowing for easier termination when flush fitted
    • PCB cover to improve circuit protection during installation

    All Fike's manual call points are designed to comply with the latest European standards: EN54 part 11 and provide all of the following features;

    • With the resetabble element the need for replacement glass is negated as the unit may be reset using the key provided.
    • The test key is inserted into the front of the unit in order to allow access wherever it is sited.  The user can test the call point with the test key or by depressing the element.
    • Every Twinflex call point comes with an LED for indication of End of Line and Alarm.
    • There is no need to remove the front cover and the glass at installation; just one screw connects the whole unit.
    • The back box can be fitted at the time of installtion with other first fix items.  The call point unit can simply be installed later.
    • An adaptor plate is also supplied, for use with standard flush or surface back boxes.  The manual call point is connected to the back box using simple flying lead terminations.

    Technical Specification

    • Dimensions: Width x Height: 88mm x 88mm
         Depth: Standard inc Base 52mm
         Depth:Flush Mounted 25mm
    • Operating Temp:10oC to +50oC
    • Voltage Range:20 to 35V DC
    • LED Indication: Activated: 0.5 Second Interval
             End of LIne:5 Second Interval
    • System Compatibility:Twinflex:    V1 Onward
      TwinflexPro: V1 Onward
    • Zone Current @ 24VDC:  Quiescent:  50uA
          Active:   16mA
    • SLU / DLU Rating:  3LU / 16DLU


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