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Ziton ZP730-2P Addressable Optical Detector (ZP730-2P)


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    Ziton ZP730-2P Addressable Optical Detector

    Reliable sensing for most fire alarm applications

    Designed for early response to slow burning, smoldering fires, the ZP730-2P is a POLAR WHITE, addressable smoke detector developed to provide reliable sensing for most fire alarm applications. The detector's proven stability in air movement associated with air conditioning systems has made it a popular selection for modern building interiors.

    Operating on light scatter principles, the ZP730-2 fully meets the sensitivity requirements of EN54-7 and is approved by several international approval bodies.

    Automatic self test

    False and unwanted alarms are virtually eliminated - smoke levels are continuously sensed by the unit and transmitted via the ZP wiring loop as electronic signals. These are assessed and verified by the control panel prior to any alarm decision being taken.

    Installed as part of a ZP addressable system, up to 127 sensing devices may be connected to each of the control panel loops. All loop devices incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique address that is polled by the panel every two seconds.

    Sensor sensitivity, calibration and self-test are carried out automatically by the ZP system. Removal or replacement of an incorrect sensing device will be identified by the system and shown as a fault. Sophisticated auto contamination adjustment compensates for any drift in performance due to dirt in the sensing chamber.

    Locking base option

    For ease of removal sensors plug into a range of base units by a simple twist and lock action. A site selectable option is provided to lock the sensor into its base. Once applied the unit can only be removed by means of a special tool.

    A red LED indicator situated on the sensor molding flashes to indicate when the unit is in alarm. Space for address labels is provided on sensor and base moldings, ensuring units are replaced in their correct location and address numbers can be identified from floor level.


    • Responds to slow burning fires.
    • EN54-7 and CPR certified.
    • Analogue sensing - reduces false and unwanted alarms.
    • Addressable - system knows the status and location of every sensor.
    • Alarm verification, self test, auto contamination adjustment.


    • Status Indication : Alarm LED (red)
    • Compatibility : All ZP7 addressable systems
    • Addressing Method : DIP Switches
    • Power supply Type : Loop powered
    • Operating Voltage : Loop 19.5 to 20.5 V,​ max. line loss 4V
    • Current Consumption
      • 600µA (quiescent)
      • 700µA (alarm)
    • Detection Principle : Photo electric light scatter
    • Sensitivity : Configurable (1.6%,​ 2.3%,​ 3.0%,​ 3.6% obs/m)
    • Coverage Area : 100m²
    • Output Quantity : 1
    • Output Type and Rating : Remote indicator
    • Programmable : No
    • Remote Alarm Output : Yes
    • Physical Dimensions : 106 x 52 mm (Ø x H)
    • Net Weight : 105g (excluding base)
    • Colour : Signal white (RAL 9003)
    • Mounting Type : Base mount,​ Ceiling mount,​ Recessed mount
    • Material (body) : Moulded ABS
    • Vandal Proof : No
    • Operating Temperature : -10 to +75°C
    • Storage Temperature : -20 to +70°C
    • Relative Humidity : 20 to 95% noncondensing
    • Environment : Indoor
    • IP Rating : IP32
    • Compliancy : CE,​ REACH,​ RoHS 3,​ WEEE
    • Certification : CPR
    • Standards : EN54-7
    • Environmental : EEC89/336


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