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Apollo Discovery Heat Detector (58000-400)


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    Apollo Discovery Heat Detector

    Discovery heat detectors have a common profile with ionisation and optical smoke detectors but have a low air flow resistance case made of self-extinguishing white polycarbonate. For the European standard version of the detector, the five modes correspond to five “classes” as defined in EN 54-5. The classes in this standard correspond with different response behaviour, each of which is designed to be suitable for a range of application temperatures. All modes incorporate “fixed temperature” response, which is defined in the standard by the “static response temperature”.


      • Ideal in environments that are dirty or smoky under normal conditions
      • Well-suited to warehouses, loading bays and car parks
      • Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure
      • Five response modes
      • Remote test feature


    • Part No. 58000-400
    • Fire Type: Fast burning, flaming fires
    • Warranty: 10 year
    • Chamber Type: Chevron
    • Protocol Voltage: 5 to 9V peak to peak
    • Power-Up Surge Current: 1mA
    • Maximum Power-Up Time: 10 seconds
    • Status Indicator - Alarm: Red
    • Quiescent Current: 350μA
    • Quiescent Current Tested At: 24V dc
    • Sampling Frequency: +L2 Loop in & out positive, double terminal
    • Terminal Functions L1 In: +L1 in Loop in & out, double terminal
    • Terminal Functions +R: +R Remote indicator positive connection
    • Terminal Functions -R: -R Remote indicator negative connection
    • Polarity: L1 & L2 are polarity insensitive
    • Alarm Current (At 24 Volts) : 3.4mA
    • Humidity: 0% to 95% (no condensation or icing)
    • IP Rating Value: IP44
    • Storage Temperature: -40 to 80°C
    • Standards: EN 54-5
    • Weight: 105g
    • Colour: White
    • Materials Housing: Polycarbonate
    • Materials Terminals: Nickel-plated stainless steel
    • Product Length: 42mm
    • Product Diameter: 100mm
    • Detection Principle: Temperature sensitive resistance.
    • Sensor Configuration: Exposed heat sensing thermistor.


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