Push Button Temporary Alarm (Round) (PBTA-200)

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    Push Button Temporary Alarm (Round)

    The PBTA-200 push button temporary fire alarm is activated by pressing the "mushroom" button fixed to the front of the device.  Once activated the unit will sound & flash.

    *It can be used as a standalone alarm or interconnected in series.

    Technical Specification

    • Model : PBTA-200
    • Average Current : 10uA
    • Alarm Current : 200mA
    • Sound Output : 85db @ 3m
    • Strobe Colour : Red
    • Operating Temperature : -10C to +50C
    • Minimum Continuous Temp : 0C
    • Maximum Humidity : 95% RH Non Condensing
    • Alarm Activation : Manual (press "mushroom" button)
    • Reset : Manual (twist "mushroom" button)
    • Number of Interlinked Units : 32
    • IP Rating : IP35
    • Size, Width x Height x Diameter : 230mm x 230mm x 104mm
    • Weight (Including Batteries) : 650g (850g)

    Frequenly Asked Questions

    How are these Temporary Fire Alarms connected?

    They are wired together using 2 core standard electrical cable.

    What is the maximum distance between two interconnected Temporary Fire Alarms?

    The maximum distance between any two connected alarms is 100 metres. Should a system comprise of more than 2 interconnect alarms, then 100m is the maximum distance for each connection, therefore a system with 5 alarms could span 400m.

    Does the Push Button Temporary Alarm comply to BS standards?

    The temporary alarms can be used as a CATEGORY M (Manual only) system under BS5839 part 1.

    How many PBTA-200 Push Button Temporary Alarms can be interconnected?

    32 devices can be interconnected together.

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